Should Be With A Marine

Should Be With A Marine

SGT. Grit,

Can someone identify the following coin?

1-1/2" diameter, 1/8" thick, smooth thin edge, rope type fluting on
both flat edges.

Top Side has a Gold Eagle, Globe, and Anchor on a red background,
1-1/8", surrounded by a black ring with United States (from 10 to 2
positions), Marine Corps (from 8 to 4 positions) with a star at 3
and 9 positions in gold.

Bottom Side has a red 6 slightly over center, rest of back in Gold
with embossing / relief / shading. Above the 6 from 10 to 2 Motor
Transport Battalion in a circular ring at 4 and 8 positions are
collar type insignia w/ anchors pointed in, and a streamer above
the wings. Below the 6 is 4TH FSSG in a level line. Around the
outer ring, starting at 9 position: Providence, Red Bank, Lubbock,
Texarkana, Las Vegas, Orlando, New Haven.

Both Top and Bottom are covered with a clear Poly-Urethane type

This coin was seen at a garage sale by an Air Force S.O. friend of
mine. He gave it to me saying "It should be with a Marine". He
wouldn't tell me what they were charging for it, just asked that I
take care of it. I'd like to find out its history, unit origin,
etc. I'm guessing it may date to WWII or Korea. It may have a
personal meaning to one of my brother Marines.

Thank you,
Chuck Reardon
Sgt. of Marines
'64 – '68
RVN '65 and '66

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