Swords & Flag and Devil Dog Tattoos

Sgt. Grit
Saw your moto tat page for the first time so I had to put my pics up to plus one. I have bought several things from ur site and love the stuff you guys have. I bought the shirt that had the speech that Maj Gen Mattis gave before we went through breechpoint west. As soon as he was done speeking these guys came full bore over our crowd. That was a day.  The tats are my own design and one put in a different spot then I have seen before. My leg piece was done at Tidewater Tattoo in Glasgow Delaware by Wendy. My tuefel hunden tat was done down my triceps outside of Camp Pendleton in a shop in Temecula can't remember who. Keep up the great job giving all us dogs the gear we want.

Semper Fidelis
Cpl Doncaster

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