Thanks so much and tattoo pic from a Marine mom

Hi, I wanted to say thank you so much for all the effort everyone at St. Grit’s puts into honoring our Marine Corps. As a Marine mother it means so very much to me that the men that put their lives on the line for us willingly every day are given our thanks however we can give them. I also want to thank everyone who sends in stories and thanks for you to publish. Many of them have touched my heart. As the mother of a LCpl with the 3/7 who is currently serving his second tour in Iraq I wanted to share a picture of my tattoo with you. I got it when he returned safely from his first tour in Ramadi. I am truly proud of my son and all of the 3/7, many who have become like sons to me. They and the rest of our Marines are in my prayers daily. Thank YOU and Semper Fidelis! Tami Becker

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