The Difference Between Marine and Navy Boot Camp

A newly made Marine and Sailor, both having graduated from their boot camps at San Diego, happened to meet at the urinals in the airport bathroom, as they were waiting for their flights on their first liberty.

The Marine finishes his business, zips up and walks out the door.  Shortly after, the Sailor finishes, zips up, goes to the sink and washes, his hands then leaves.

The Sailor sees the Marine in the airport lobby and goes up and speaks to him, "Hey Marine, I notice that you didn't wash your hands when you finished in the bathroom.  Didn't they teach you in boot camp, to wash your hands after taking a p-ss?"

The Marine looks at him with disdain and responded, "No, they didn't.  But they did teach us not to p-ss on ourselves." After which he walked away.

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