Until They All Come Home Tattoo

As proud parents of a Lance Corporal in the Marines, we both faithfully wore our yellow bands with the words "Until they all come home" on a daily basis. However, due to problems at my husbands business, he had to stop wearing his! (We promised our son that we would not remove them until all our troops were home.) He was really depressed, so he had the idea of putting it in a tattoo. He said that it is still fitting, because our troops will either come home to us or come home to God. He wanted a tattoo to show our son how proud he was of him (and that he could take the pain too!) Our son's tattoo has a cross with wings and the initials of all four family members that have served in the military. It has a banner below that reads "Keep Watching". He received this tattoo before he graduated from High School. He figured he needed all the guardian angels he could get. I will send pics of my son's tattoo later. I will be getting mine soon. I am going for Eagle talon's clutching Daisy with EGA on the Eagle's arm. This will stand for my son and my daughter.

Semper Fi,
L. Myers

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