USMC and Bulldog Tattoos

gt.grit…….i am a vietnam era U.S.MARINE. served from 1966 to 1970. i design my own U.S.M.C. & BULLDOG tattoos. i wear two of my own designed tattoos & will be getting a third i just finished drawing. i have looked over all you show on your web site. any MARINE looking to get a tattoo & want a design they can wear proudly, please have them contact me. i want them to get a design from a MARINE that knows what the eagle,globe & anchor really means, something they can proudly display on their body, which comes directly from the heart of the artist & the wearer. no two of my designs are exactly alike, each will be done for the individual MARINE requesting my art work. i can be reached by e-mail at for more information….SEMPER FI…the "blinddog". if you would print this, i can get some good USMC/BULLDOG tattoos on the best group of fighting men & women in the world.

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