USMC Tattoos

Sgt Grit,
I got out in 1990 and did not get my first Marine Corps Tat until Easter of this year. It was a present from my wife who was also in the Corps. That is how we met. I met her when she was a boot and I was on my way out. The second one I did not wait as long I just got it on September 19th. I love your site! Have recommended it to all the Jar Heads I work with. I got my first personal K-Bar from you. Every Marine should have one! The First one I got on my Left shoulder, I thought it was original until I saw on similar on your site. The second I got on my calf, I think this one is original, note the dog tags, one has my name the other is a tribute to my Grandfather, who is a World War II Marine, he was a BAR man and was decorated along with being wounded in Combat. John Carcia is my Grandfather. Still as hard today as he was then. As the Tat states "Devildog, From the Inside Out!" IT NEVER LEAVES YOU!!!!!

God Bless Sgt. Grit and God Bless The United States Marine Corps

LCpl Timothy M Messer, USMC 87-90
Semper Fidelis and Esprit De Corps
If God has brought you to it,
God will bring you through it!

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