USMC Tattoos

My daughter’s school honored all veterans this past Veteran’s Day with a breakfast and school assembly. It’s amazing how all us Marines, from young to old; still show our Esprit De Corps! When asked to stand, we all shouted out with a blood curdling bark or Ooooooh Raaaaah! Gave me chills!!! So after being out for 12 years, I finally decided to honor our fallen brothers by getting some ink. First I decided to get the EGA from my high school buddy, Brian Berky, who is a great artist. A week later, Brian called and said he had a new idea of a piece for my back I might like. So, here it is.

Semper Fi Marines,
Mike Korczykowski
Fmr. Sgt. USMC 89-94
6017 VMFA (AW) 242 3rd MAW

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