16 thoughts on “Watching My Six”

  1. Yeah, that’s a nice one. I didn’t used to like the “black” looking tats but they are really starting to grow on me. I’ve had my cigar smoking bulldog with the Doughboy helmet on, boxing gloves with “U.S. Marines” on top and underneath, “First To Fight.” But it’s in color. But that’s a bad EGA, Bro.

  2. This is for Bob Lonn, Plt 218 Feb. 1964…. Bob, I too hit MCRD San Diego Feb, 1964…. I was shuttled off to Plt 324… I too was issued that same yellow sweatshirt… Semper Fi, Brother

  3. That is one heck of a tattoo. In fact the best tat I’ve ever seen; congrats. Obviously that took more than one sitting and the artist was a real pro.

  4. This is for Henry Young and Bob Lonn, I was right behind you at MCRD San Diego in May, 1964 Plt.340 was also on those yellow foot prints, then the 15 second haircut, and shortly thereafter the red shorts and yellow sweatshirt became an integral part of our daily wardrobe. Less than six months after our respective platoons qualified at Camp Matthews they opened Edson Range on Camp Pendleton and closed Matthews! it is my understanding that the property was turned over to the University of San Diego for use in the expansion of their educational facility. I lost my yellow sweatshirt or what was left of it in a house fire about ten years ago the shorts went then also even though they no longer fit. I am proud to say that even after all these years I can still fit into the same size that I wore in boot camp, sox that is! 😉 Walter White SSG (Ret.) 340 On The Road!!!!!!!

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