When Times are Trying, Just a Little Humor

Around the winter, spring of “68” the TET offensive was in full swing. I was a ammo tech H&S Co 3/7 around a little village called Dia Lac at the four corners. When most Marines called it a day they would leave their radios on after Armed Forces Radio went off the air. That way it would come back on in the morning without having to turn it back on and you know it was around 0600 hr. This particular morning around o545 hrs we started catching incoming and, of course, there was a scramble to get your stuff to a hole or bunker. The mortar rounds were right on top of us so the closest spot was right under the hooch It wasn’t a small bunker but it got crowded real quick. So, I always tried to get to the ammo dump because the bunkers are built so much better. After about 5 min. of this It stopped I decided to make a run for the dump. Well, about that time “old Charlie” seem to know when I stuck my head out he put one almost on top of us. I fell back in the bunker and you know how quiet it gets. You could’ve heard a pin drop for about 30 seconds. Then all of a sudden you hear “GOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING VIET NAM!” coming from the radio when it came back on. Well, there’s probably at least 3 to 500 Marines on this hill (Hill 37) at any given time and most have their radios on. After about 15 seconds you hear someone start to laugh, then someone else starts, pretty soon the whole hill is cracking up. You remember a lot of bad scenes over there but once in awhile there’s a little humor.

Sid Crews Cpl. 2311 P.I.Platoon 264 , platoon guide. Enlisted Aug. 65 to June 69 Nam Nov. 66 to July 68

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  1. I was on hill 37 during TET. I was with Delta company 7th Engineers. Spent many a night on 50 or 100% alert Looking at Dia Lac over the wire. Left 37 on March 13, 1968. Welcome home Semper Fi

      1. Was at An Hoa the night they blew the ammo dump and Liberty Bridge in March of “69 when they almost over ran us , Doc Ray with 11th Marines , won the MOH that night . With Bravo 1/5 .

        1. Hey Sarge, small Corps… I reported to Hqtrs Battery 2/11 the next morning… Being an Ammo Tech. I took note of the burning Ammo dump.. Semper Fi

  2. Hill 37 was the site of the old French fort above the village of Dai Loc (v. Dia Lac)…I was TAD from 3rd Marine Regiment to 2/3 during the spring of ’66 when 2/3 established the first Marine CP at the old fort…Quiet times around Dai Loc back then, but I remember that we lost 3 engineers during our first few days on the hill, while they were trying to clear the old French/Viet MInh minefields around our perimeter.

    1. I use to see civilians coming in and out of the old fort especially around TET. Always wondered what they were up too . First got to Hill 37 around Dec.66 or Jan. 67. 3/7 had been at Chu Lai up to Nov.66 but packed up and left as soon as I got there. Spent the next 3 weeks on a L.S.T. around Red Beach Semper Fi ,

  3. I was with the engrs. at Liberty Bridge off and on from about Apr. 68 to Apr 69. We were the ones that operated the ferry crossing at the river.Hill 37 was the closet PX and ,we would hitch a ride on pay day to stock up on smokes and other stuff.This is the first time in quite a while that I heard someone refer to 4 corners.Hill 37 was the only place we could get a cold drink until the sea bees moved in at the bridge.I was at the bridge 22 mar 69 when phu loc 6 was attacked and nearly over run. we got some rockets and mortors but no serious loss all we could do was standby and watch.there was no way we could do any thing to help . try to cross the river during the fight might have helped but we were not able to leave our pos.

    1. 3/7 had a PX ? LoL The closest PX when I was there was Hill 327. Left Hill 37 in July of 68. Now they did have a mobile PX that came in ever so often. When you were there around the bridge do you remember in 68 the floods that would cover the whole valley?

      1. Hill 37 did have a PX.It was not a big one and only had the essentials. Yes I remember the floods .The big one when a typhoon hit the area .We almost lost both of our ferries .That was mid or late 68.

        1. I spent time on hill 37 off and on between May 67 to Nov. 67 with the 1st. Combat Eng. Bn. C. company, bought a lot of things at that px. Helped put in the cement floor in the old Fort.

          1. Thanx Wayne! I knew there was a Px! Also confirmed by a long time friend (Former D Co Engr.)that the PX did Exist. LOL Sidney!! Semper Fi Buddy!!

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