Why I Fight

Why I Fight

Why I Fight

One day as I was coming home to visit my family after my last deployment, I Decided to stop at a locale restaurant to eat. When I walked into the restaurant I was still in my Marine dress uniform.  The hostess looked at me.  She was going to move me in front of the line of waiting people, so I said to her “ No Ma’am, I can wait.  No need for me to go first.”  As the line went down I finally got to sit and order my food. When I was waiting for my food to come out the people that were leaving came up to me and said, “ Thank you”.  So, after an hour I finish my food and paid and was walking back to my rental car when this young mother with four kids came up to me and asked, “Son why do you fight”?  I then looked at her and said, “Well Ma’am, I am a US Marine.  I have stormed beaches and freed countries.  I have defended the weak and defeated the strong. I have been courageous and have shown compassion. I have raised our flag and raised our hope. Some call me Leatherneck, My Enemy’s call me Devil Dog.  But you can call me a Marine.  It’s not the money, the glory, the women or to kill that I fight, but it’s for my brothers and sisters in arms and for you. I fight for you and I’ll do it again too.  To protect you is my honor so that’s why I fight.  But now may I ask you, “ What can you do to help?  Please support our military”!    

The End.  Semper Fi carry on to all those who are serving and have served, especially to those who have fallen in the line of duty. Thank you for your sacrifice, and God Bless.

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  1. since day one we (Marines, one and all) have been called, not by name but by what we believe in!! when “COLORS” are raised and lowered, we snap to! we render “HONORS” not as individuals, but as United States Marines!!! we as units have charged the beaches, hacked our way through the jungles, suffered the torments of sand storms, why? because we BELIEVE in the U.S.A. and for each red, and white bar, the field of blue. and each and every star there on!! John Wayne never was a Marine, but he showed us all what was expected of us!! Marines only expected to do the correct thing, and we HAVE… from DAY ONE until even NOW!! so “ONCE A MARINE, ALWAYS A MARINE” !!!!!!!

  2. semper-fi 63 and marines corps is still in my heart. support our troops. may god bless the usa family and veterans of all serves.

  3. server from 69-76 and loved it and to this day I am so proud to be a Marine MACS -4 Pendelton uooraaw . It does’nt wash out of us never. We are as faithful now as we were when we served. You go 63. Iam 65 and not as active now but just as mean and gentle. I’ve gotten myself a beautiful wife and 3 of my own now. My son is 35 now and an Indiana State Trooper. He had micro-surgery on his knee and the corps turned him down. He went the next best thing..Soooo proud of him and the girls too, the youngest is a corps brat

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