13 thoughts on “Work In Progress Tattoo”

  1. Now that’s a great Tattoo…Semper Fi to that Marine!!??????⚔⚔⚔

  2. A very intricate tattoo, but “Show me the beef!” 🙂 3/1 has a fighting bull. The raging Bull is missing from the TAT. Any takers out there up for a modification, a version 2 that includes the famed Bull?

    1. He said 3rd battalion bootcamp and first marine division in fleet which could be 1/1,2/1 aka 1/9 ,3/1 , Thomas Hardin marine combat veteran.

  3. I am a retired USMC, Cpl. Nam. Vet. from 1962 to 1972. 7th.marines regiment, 3rd battalion and 1st division. Trained on boot camp Campus Lejeune, North Caroline. 1964 Special training in Panama on School of Americas special operations force. My congratulations for such a nice tattoos, must be a young soldier, it is either from Irak or Afganistan war. Show this great tattoos with pride and courage as a brave fighter marine soldier. “Semper Fi”

  4. Cpl. Mike McConnell Nam VET 68/69 I was attached to Company “M” 3rd Battalion 1st Mar Div.” SEMPER FI”, Marine!!

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