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Sgt. Grunt, I sure enjoy this newsletter. I have two stories to tell. First- I joined the Corps in July 1950, when I was 18. I was in Plt. 33 MCRDSD we had about 10 di’s altogether because Korea had started. There was cpl. puckett, cpl. parrish, cpl. morgan, pfc van ert, pfc weiland and about 4 others. Our sdi was t.sgt. jc dozier and he was a good one. About our 8th week he had us drilling on the parade ground and we were sharp. The base band started playing the Marine hymn, so sgt dozier marched us close and yelled ” strut you sons of b$*&^s strut and strut we did. I’ll never forget his cadence ‘ 3 4 to your lell, 3 4 to your lell’.

Second story- I was in radio school in the fall 1950 froc 8 mcrdsd, two guys were comparing who had the toughest boot camp pi or sd. They got into a fistfight, a great fight, clean. pfc Casey was from Queens, NYC, PFC Murray was from Kansas, it went on for about 10 minutes. Murray won, but as far as the toughest boot camp, that’s determined by the drill instructor. Semper Fi to all Marines past and present, and Gods blessing on the USMC.

C.B. Feeny sgt 1126964 mos 2531 50-54


Nice to read something from a senior 2531.

Wayne Whitehead,

Just missed you. Joined 29 June 1950. MCRDSD Plt 31 Grad 1 Sept 1950. Also attended radio school (2531) SDI Cpl Hullums JDDI Pfc Fehey.Scan 7.

Vincent E. Rigoni,

Semper Fi Sgt. Feeny! I enjoyed reading your stories.

Marines of California,

Served with a PFC Feeny in 1952 in 2nd marine Div.MP company u the same Feeny?

Cpl.Henry Kaspar,

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