13th Engineers

13th Engineers

Sgt Grit,

For some reason all the lists of units within the 5th Marine Division never seem to mention 13th Engineers, Camp Pendleton, Calif. 1966-67. I have attached a photo.

Ken Clark
Sgt., ’66-’69

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  • Bob Mauney 1381

    I was in A Co. 5th Shore Party Bn in 1966 at Camp Delmar, CA. Then with A Co to Camp Schwab, Okinawa in the summer of 1966 with 26th Marines. In November 1966 I was transferred to A Co. 3rd Shore Party Bn. in Vietnam where I was at Thuan An, Hue, Camp Evans and finally Dong Ha.
    After rotating back to to the USA in August 1967 I finished my enlistment with C Co. 2nd Shore Party Bn.
    at Camp Lejeune, NC. In less that 2 years was in 2nd Mardiv, 3rd Mardiv and 5th Mardiv….Bob Mauney 1381 (Redpatcher).

  • Ronald F Marmon

    I was with H. Co. 2/26, 5th Mar. Div. 66/67. 1st Plt. Great outfit and GREAT MARINES!

  • C. Salley Jr.

    “G” 2/26, May 1966 Aug 66 to rvn, Oct 67to April 68 28th Marines then to RVN, try telling people you were in the 3rd mardiv and 5th mardiv! HA! Semper Fi!

  • RM Banks

    I was with Service Company, Utilities Platoon, 13th Engineers right out of ITR from early July 1967 – mid February 1968, then was transferred to Kilo Company, 3rd Bn 27th Marines. I went to a Generator School at Ft Belvoir, VA from early October through mid December. I remember a few guys, Art Alte (1121), a guy names Mickey ? (1121), Hluchy (a diesel mechanic), a SSGT named Ramirez, and the company skipper named Chavez. Oh, and a corporal named Lamb who worked in the armory. I haven’t thought much about 13th Engineers for a long, long time.

  • Andrew Gardner

    Was with B/13th in aug69 my first “real” duty station after Eng School at Camp Lejuene, later became B/11th Eng. after a couple of months. 5th Marine Div. colors were cased in late Nov. or early Dec. 69, and we became the 5th MEB. The picture above looks like my Guard Post I walked many a night.

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