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175MM Gun

175MM Gun

I appreciated GySgt Rousseau's discussion about the merits of several rifles used by Marines, and that all weapons are just an extension of the proud Marine using them. I have fired most of the small arms used by Marines in the early 70's, including the M16. I have also used the M1 and M14. My opinion as to their relative merits: it depends on the situation. All three are fine rifles. For long work, greater than 300 yards, the M1 or M14 would be my preference. I really did not see much difference in accuracy between the two. One thousand yard shots could be made with confidence. For shorter distances and humping through the boonies, the M16 would be my preference. The lighter weight of the rifle, magazines, and ammo; and shear fire power are obvious advantages.

However, if you really wanted to reach out and touch someone, the 175MM gun pictured above was the way to do it. If memory is not too far off the 170 pound projectile could travel about 23 miles, and had an ECR of 200 meters. Great fun shooting!

R Boyer 1970-1975

Above left: San Clemente Island 1974; below right: Twentynine Palms

Note: I was once told it was 23 miles accurately. 27 miles if you want to 'impress' someone.

Sgt Grit 

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