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175MM Gun

175MM Gun

I appreciated GySgt Rousseau’s discussion about the merits of several rifles used by Marines, and that all weapons are just an extension of the proud Marine using them. I have fired most of the small arms used by Marines in the early 70’s, including the M16. I have also used the M1 and M14. My opinion as to their relative merits: it depends on the situation. All three are fine rifles. For long work, greater than 300 yards, the M1 or M14 would be my preference. I really did not see much difference in accuracy between the two. One thousand yard shots could be made with confidence. For shorter distances and humping through the boonies, the M16 would be my preference. The lighter weight of the rifle, magazines, and ammo; and shear fire power are obvious advantages.

However, if you really wanted to reach out and touch someone, the 175MM gun pictured above was the way to do it. If memory is not too far off the 170 pound projectile could travel about 23 miles, and had an ECR of 200 meters. Great fun shooting!

R Boyer 1970-1975

Above left: San Clemente Island 1974; below right: Twentynine Palms

Note: I was once told it was 23 miles accurately. 27 miles if you want to ‘impress’ someone.

Sgt Grit

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Robert E. Hays - May 1, 2020

I was standing underneath a 175 at the Rockpile in 1968 when it went off. It had a levee built around it, and I guess they didn’t see me. I sure didn’t hear anyone yell that they were about to fire. I could not have been more than 15′ away. There are few words to describe what that was like and I am not sure I know what they are.

Gerald M. Hill 0311/8151 - May 1, 2020

I loved the Ontos w/(6)106 RR in VN while they were set in a defensive position, but not at Camp Pendleton in 1964 running behind them trying to keep our assault line straight, whoa they could fly up or down hill. That was the only time in my life I wished I was a tanker!

Vincent Piquet - May 1, 2020

Liked the M-16 series of weapons? They were and are garbage. The Armed forces should have stayed with Eugene Stoners original concept. This spoken from a 2111’s point of view. The M-14,M-1, and M-1903 were much superior weapons and did not require as near as much PMCS.

Paul Culliton - May 1, 2020

The most impressive display of artillery I ever saw, was in early February,1969 in Vietnam. I was with HQCo 26th Marines, about 10 miles inland from DaNang. That night about 8pm the sky lit up a bright orange, then this freight train came overhead shaking the ground and hootches. It cleared the next string of hills and we never saw or heard where it landed. This continued for about the next 15 mins or so. We still had no idea what we were watching, until another Marine came down from the COC and told us that it was the Battleship New Jersey, firing her 16” guns over our heads from over the horizon. Even now, almost 50 years later, that was still the most impressive display of firepower! Semper Fi Paul Culliton MSGT USMC (ret)

MGySgt. Jim Mackin USMC(Ret) - May 1, 2020

Question for Bob Pope — You show that you were in RVN during 72-73…Not unless you were at the US Embassy, attached as an advisor to a Vietnamese unit, or attached to Task Force Delta during the early part of Operation Linebacker I…All Marines left RVN by mid-1971, and TF Delta was the only Marine unit to re-deploy back in-country during the early part of the Easter Offensive…We were only there for a short period before moving to RTAB Nam Phong, Thailand…Pleas advise.

Mike VonTungeln - May 1, 2020

The 175 had a max range of 32,700 meters and fired a 147 lb. projectile. Since it was a gun and not a howitzer it had a large range probable error. I don’t agree with Bob Pope that it was a piece of junk. At the time, it was the only weapon in the inventory with that kind of range. When we finally got the first RAP round, the range was only 30,000 meters. The difference in the RAP (I can’t remember whether it was 155mm or 8 inch.) and the 175 was about the same as the difference between the 105 and the 75 mm pack howitzer. I was CO of T/5/10 in 1981.

Bob W. POPE Sr. - May 1, 2020

I’ve been on every piece of arty that the Marine Corps had from the 4.2 mortar to the 8inch. The 175 was a great big hunk of junk. Was with 3rd 155/175 in 68-69 Vietnam. Bob POPE Sr. MSgt Retired 67-89. Vietnam 68-69, 72-73.

Tom - May 1, 2020

Tack Marking on the 175 denotes U.S.M.C.

Gary Nash - May 1, 2020

Only one thing better than a 106! That would be an Ontos with 6 of ’em!

Paul Burton - May 1, 2020

These “To Whom It May Concern” Weapons caused numerous friendly fire casualties. I’ll take my 106 every time. I’ve made 2000yd shots through 18″ bunker aperatures with the 106 and no friendly fire problems. Arty has its place, but accurate pinpoint fire control is awesome! Sgt Paul C Burton, 3 Tour Nam Vet

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