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1922... Now This Is Old Corps

1922... Now This Is Old Corps Admin |

I served with VMFA-314 from Nov. '67 to Dec. '68 in Chu Lai. In a past posting, I had mentioned Operation Military Embrace, and the Watermelon Run For The Fallen in Hempstead, TX, where I had reunited with some of my Vietnam brothers last August. This time, I'm sending some pictures of my father, Harry W. Kiehnle, who enlisted in 1922. He was a seagoing Marine and a bugler, who was stationed on the Battleship Utah for the Friendship tour of South America that sent General John J. Pershing to meet with South American heads of state, as he was still highly respected after having served as General of the Armies in WW I.

The first picture is four buglers (my father on the left) leaving music school at PI, headed for Sea School at Quantico, next are two pictures of the firing range in the Virgin Islands (my dad is in the t-shirt), third picture is inspection of the Marine Contingent on board the Utah, and finally, General Pershing and dignitaries aboard the ship.

CPL. James Kiehnle 1966-1970
Chu Lai, Vietnam 1967-1968​

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