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1956 Business Card

1956 Business Card

Thought you might like this hymn that was printed on the back of a business card of Calvert Studio, Ocean Side, CA in 1956.

The New Marines' Hymn

In answer to President Truman's Speech of 5 September 50

From the Halls of Montezuma
To the shores of Tripoli
We'll police our G-d D-mn Navy
As long as they're at sea.

First to fight the Army's battles
and to win the Navy's fights
And still our old friend Harry
Tries to louse up all our rights.

Our flag's been flown from every ship
Since the Navy's start
A Marine detachment in their midst
Kept the fleet from falling apart.

Uncle Harry says we're just police
and he should really know
We've arrested wars since we began
and dealt the final blow.

We have Honor, we have Glory
We're the finest ever seen
But still our propaganda
Is a second rate machine.

Harry's Army and his Navy
Never look on Heaven's scenes
Cause they know the Angels are all in love
With United States Marines.

Marvin Haverkamp

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