1st Radio Battalion Vietnam Reunion

1st Radio Battalion Vietnam Reunion

At one time, these ‘young’ Marines were all members of 1st Radio Battalion, most served in either Kaneohe Bay or Vietnam or both.

We just finished our 2016 1st Radio Battalion Reunion in San Diego, and a great time was had by all. Of course, we visited MCRD San Diego.

We will be having our 2017 Reunion on the East Coast and another Radio Battalion Cruise is in ‘the works’.

More Marines of 1st Radio Bn Vietnam

Semper Fi, Don.

R. J. Zike
Former SSgt of Marines

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  • artymgysgt

    My first tour in Vietnam was in May 1965 I deployed the two 1st ANGLICO Shore Fire Control Parties and after about five days we also were administratively attached to Naval Advisory Team One at Danang ,and Operational Control to COMUSMACV in Saigon. I also served under General A.M. Gray when he was the G-3 of 2nd MARDIV and bumped into him many times the last on Christmas 1990 in Saudi Arabia when he was CMC

  • artymgysgt

    I was also a young man during my tours in Vietnam and my only contact with 1st Radio Battalion was when a Marine would come into the FSCC potion of the COC with nothing more then a grid coordinate and tell me if you fire on this grid you will get something, and I could not just send a grid to a firing unit and expect them to respond without target information. Maybe we all learned a little bit more since then. Hope you had a great reunion and many more.

  • Fulton (Rick) Loftis

    Kinda late responding, but I was with you there from 76 throug 78. Still remember you, also. Hope you are well acclimated in the civilian world.

  • Gysgt James Ochenrider

    I was with 1st RadBn at Kaneohe Bay in 66/67. Sent to Vietnam 67 set up ops at Khe Sanh summer of 67. I moved to Camp Carroll first of 68 to work PRD1.

  • Mike Yule

    1stSgt Snowman I was there as well as the Company Clerk and Supply Sergeant Col Moss is retired here in Virginia and I see him on and off during the year. Actually the last time we spoke he mentioned you and asked if I had any idea where you were contact me at topyule42@gmail.com Semper Fidelis Mike Yule MGYSGT ret

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