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2/4 Battle of Dai Do

2/4 Battle of Dai Do

Hello, I am reaching out to this forum to hopefully find someone who can tell me a little bit more about my uncle. I, am a Marine who served in Desert Storm and have the honor of having five other members of my fathers family who served in the Corps too. But that is for a later day, my interest now is to find anyone who might have been at the battle of Dai Do from April 29th to May 4th of 68. My Uncle, my second father was Dennis Romans. He was a squad leader of snipers attached to 2/4. He personally was with 2nd platoon, Hotel Co. He was wounded on I believe May 1st. From his letters to my parents (who my father was also a Marine in the 50’s) described how bad it really was. What I am looking for is for anyone who might have known him that I can talk to about that time. I have some many pictures of his from there with people I would just like to link together with. My Uncle, Uncle Dennis had a huge Heart! But he died back in 2010. One thing he did tell me during our drinking bouts after I got back from Desert Storm was about the 13 cent killers. He told me about he and his men had these coats made up with 13 cent killers on the back, because that was what the cost of one of their .307 (as he told me, yes! not .308. cost to produce!) I will include the pic. I have many pics of the area he landed in and would like to share them with those he was with. I know he would be happy for that. By the way, his little brother was with 1/1 during the battle of Hue City and he always looked out for his men! If you know the Marine in the picture (he is not my Uncle) please notify me and maybe I can get this pic to his him or his family! Semper Fi
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Michael Romans - April 21, 2020

Thank you Tony for your reply. Sorry it took so long, this was my first post on Sgt. Grit and didn’t see the reply’s until now. I looked up the book and ordered it. Thank you for the heads up.

Michael H. Romans - April 21, 2020

Thank you for replying to my post. I’m new to posting at Sgt. Grit but again thank you! If you have more info on the 2/4 association you mentioned and how to contact them I would be greatly appreciate. Sorry it took so long to get back to you I did not see the reply notes at the bottom of my post. Thank you again!

Tony Woconish - April 21, 2020

There is a book called,”13 CENT KILLERS, The 5th Marine Snipers in Vietnam.” By John J. Culbertson. You can find copies at AMAZON and EBay. SEMPER FI. SSGT. Tony Woconish USMC

Sgt Angelo J.Manos - April 21, 2020

Anyone in that fight is a hero to me.It is not often a Battalion would attack a Division of North Vietnamese Regulars.And continue the attack every day until the NVA withdrew.What I’ve been told is there were 150 Marines left still standing.My brother was also w/Charlie 1/1 in the 2nd wave @ Battle of Hue City.Oohrah

Charles Bryson - April 21, 2020

I was a member of 2/4, The Magnificent Bastards, at Dai Do, but sadly I dud not know your uncle. He was correct in that it was bad. There is a 2/4 Association, that you can tact and hopefully find someone who knew your uncle. Semper Fi my brother!

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