2 of a Kind

By: Ken Mongar

While serving in Vietnam with 3/1/1 in 1968, I acquired a little friend. My last name being Mongar, I was given the nickname, “Mongoose”. Seems that the kids in a local ville that we tromped through occasionally, heard me being called, “Mongoose”, and next time through, they presented my with this very young mongoose. After my first day of carrying this little critter around, it never left my side. The little thing met it’s Waterloo during a mortar and rocket attack in Elephant Valley, in June or July of 1968. It was an experience I will never forget, one of those things that happened in Vietnam that can never be repeated.

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  • WM Roesch Kishpaugh

    My Loc Qua Viet River 1968 my buddie had dog L/cpl Brenenger this was a really small dog . When we moved out side of Camp Carrel we told not to take any pets: IE dogs. We also had to police the area, trash was put in sand bags. I was on a different Chopper (34’s) and was handed a lot of sand bags. As we flew along the Dong Ha or Cam Lo river the crew chief told me to kick the bags out in the river. I did. Landed at Carrel and humped to the bridge and set up L/cpl Brenenger ask me where his dog was. I said, “What dog?” The one I put in the sand bag.” I told him the crew chief kicked them in river. I think of that poor dog a lot. I hope it made it. Brenenger was hopping mad.

  • A. Troy Morris Sgt. USMC 1964- 1968

    Col. Peter L. Hilgartner passed away on the 8th of Jan, 2015 had age 87. He wrote a book, Highpockets War Stories with Sam Ginder. High Pocket was one of his nicknames along with The Dragon. A great Marine and a very effective infantry Bn. Commander. C O of 1/5.

  • Jim Wilson

    I served with 1/5 from Nov.’66 thru Dec.’67 – I was an S2 scout and the battalion Kit Carson team. I’ve never connected with any of the Marines that served in S2 and I don’t remember any names from the Marines in the line companies, but I did go on patrols and operations with every company. I do remember Col. Hilgartner as a tall slender Marine (we all got “slender” after a few months), thanks for the memory.

  • David A. Smith

    Any body from 2/4 68-69-

  • Dennis W Moriarty

    Thats pretty cool. What company were you with, I was with 3/1 also?

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