2007 Harley Davidson Streetglide

2007 Harley Davidson Streetglide

2007 Harley Davidson Marine Corps Patriot Edition Streetglide

Sgt. Grit, wanted to send you a picture of my 2007 HARLEY DAVIDSON MARINE CORP. PATRIOT EDITION STREETGLIDE. I saw them advertising that would build one for you in late 2006. I sent in a copy of my DD 214 and then picked up my new Harley in early 2007. It has the Marine Corps. emblem on the tanks combined with the Harley. Also has a United States Flag on the rear fender. Just recieved my new USMC licence plate holder from your catalog and put it on. Looks great !! I joined the Marines in 1981, served active until 1985. Stayed in the reserves until 1989, then after 7 years of missing the comraderie I joined the US Navy “SEABEES”. I was called to duty at Ground Zero for 9-11 under Gov. Pataki in the NY Naval Militia. Was there for a few weeks providing security. My Battallion NMCB 27 is in IRAQ right now, couldn’t go with them. They took me down to an E-3, so i had to work my way back up the chain. I’m also a member of the “LEATHERNECKS” motorcycle club, and the “LEGIONRIDERS”. Keep those e-mails coming, it’s great to read the stories and quotes.

SEMPER FI !! EO1 {SCW} Tomcat Gray

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