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2010 Deployment

2010 Deployment

This picture shows all the Sacrifices made by our Marine Families!!!! SSGT. Bernard J. Coyne and his wife Kathryn Coyne SSGT Coyne’s MOS is EOD, and he is stationed at Camp Lejune, NC. Kathryn lives in Jacksonville, NC with their three children, Julianna, 9, Cadence,3, Bernard III, one year old SSGT. Coyne left Jan 19th aboard the Mesa-Verde. diverted to Haiti, on it’s way to the Middle East.

Mother of a Marine,
Christine Coyne

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Earl Powell - May 11, 2020

Don’t want to sound cold, but that is what we train for to keep America safe. We are Marines, and proud to be. Ooh-Rah.

Thom Williamson - May 11, 2020

Wrong photo/story…USMC photos in terrible conditions…I just think of our Marines and always hope for the best for them!

Michael McManus - May 11, 2020

either the wrong picture or the wrong story!!

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