2016 Vice Presidential Candidates Have Marine Sons

2016 Vice Presidential Candidates Have Marine Sons

Both VP candidates – Pence and Kaine – have a son who is a Marine. First Lieutenant Nathaniel Kaine, an infantry officer with 2nd Battalion, 8th Marines, and 2nd Lieutenant Michael Pence, who is currently in flight school at Naval Air Station Whiting Field.

2nd Lt Michael Pence

Must be a new requirement to be considered for VP.

Sgt Grit

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  • Sgt. R. Scott

    It’s great we have vp kids as Marines but what really matters is who holds the highest office in the land. Hopefully we don’t end up with another idiot like we’ve had for the past 8 yrs! Oorah!

  • B W Hollo

    Couldn’t think of a better requirement for VP. Unless of course they were a fellow Marine themselves. Does give both of them a good perspective………I hope.

  • R. Spence

    Knew of a 1st. lt. George Pence Helicopter Pilot (HUS-1) with HMR-L 261 At New River N.C. 1957-59. Any relation ??

  • Diego Samuel

    I appreciate politicians who have served or have their children serve in the armed forces, take part what the middle, and low class citizens go through.

  • L/cpl T. Davis

    Standing beside Bill Clinton, like Hillary says what difference does it make!! and I know a lot of Marines in Florida who are feed up with the government and the VA.

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