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2nd Marine Division Lineage

A History of the Second Marine Division


Activated 1 July 1936 at San Diego, CA as the 2nd Marine Brigade, Fleet Marine Force, deployed during August-September 1937 to Shanghai, China. Relocated during February-April 1938 to San Diego, CA.

Re-designated 1 February 1941 as the 2nd Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force. Elements deployed to Iceland, July 1941-March 1942. Deployed to the South Pacific during January 1942-January 1943. Participated in the following World Ward II campaigns:
GuadalcanalSouthern SolomonsTarawaSaipanTinianOkinawa

Deployed during September 1945 to Nagasaki, Japan. Participated in the occupation of Japan, September 1945-June 1946. Relocated during June-July 1946 to Camp Lejune, North Carolina.


Elements participated in the landings in Lebanon, July-November 1958.

Elements participated in the Cuban Missile Crisis, October-December 1962.

Elements participated in the intervention in the Dominican Republic, April-June 1965.

Elements participated as part of multinational peace-keeping force in Lebanon August 1982-February 1984.

Elements participated in the landing on Grenada-Carriacou, October-November 1983.

Elements participated in Operation Shard Edge in Liberia, May 1990-January 1991.

Participated in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, December 1990-April 1991.

Elements participated in Operation Provide Comfort in Iraq, April-July 1991.

Elements participated in in operations in Somalia, December 1992-March 1994.

Elements participated in operations in Haiti, October 1993-October 1994.

Elements participated in Haitian Refugee Operations in Cuba, November 1991-December 1995.

Elements participated in Operations Able Manner and Able Vigil in the Florida Straights, January 1993-October 1994.

Elements participated in Operations in Bosnia, June-December 1995.

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