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3rd Battalion 9th Marines Okinawa 63-64

I was a battalion surgeon with H&S Co. 3rd Battalion 9th Marines stationed in Okinawa at Camp Hansen, 1963-64. We were the first marines to go to Vietnam. Shortly after the Tonkin Gulf episode we were put aboard troop ships and sailed to DaNang Harbor, in July 1964. We were there for one month before our tour ended and our replacements arrived. Then we rotated back to the states. I have searched in vain for any military site which acknowledges the existence of the 3rd marine division’s 3/9. No logos, no patches, no pins, no mention except on wikipedia. I purchased a 1963-64 “year book” of 3/9 on Ebay several years ago, so I have proof we existed. So, why can’t I find any memorabilia of my old unit ???
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SUDDENDEATH - May 25, 2020

You may have the dates wrong.Gulf of Tonkin Incident was 4 Aug 64….. 3/9 did not arrive in Nam until 8 Mar 65 … Need to recheck your dates.i know its been a while.

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