3rd Battalion Barracks At PI

old 3rd bn barracks mcrd pi

I would like to send a photo and brief description of the old 3rd Bat. barracks at Parris Island that are being torn down. I was there two weeks ago, they are partially demolished, the bricks are being preserved and sold by the base museum to raise funds. The barracks were used from 1960/61 until three years ago. A new Bat. area is located a short distance away. I took some pictures of the shells of these buildings while standing on the old parade deck, many memories came to me there in the silence. Thought many old 3rd Bat. Marines would like to see what has happened to the barracks. I was there in 1961, they were brand new, and jokingly referred to as Disneyland by the 1st and 2nd Bats.

B.R. Whipple, Sgt

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  • Garfield Moore

    Platoon 3052 H Company July to Oct 1978

  • Tom Wheeler

    TJ Lacey…Fifty plus years since 1961 PI Boot Camp…I still have my Grad 339 Biook. A little ragged after all these years..I can do this request for you… i will check this post every so often………I can text you the grad pix and arrange to copy the last 17 pages…….I need your contact imfo. Semper Fi

  • Pvt. Thearle J. Lacey #1970***

    Tom Wheeler. I served with you in Plt #339 Jul 7, 1961 Sep 27, 1061. I kept remembering Fox when I thought of who were our ADI’s. I have been looking for our grad book everywhere since my vindictive ex burned my service stuff, including all my certificates, etc.. When requesting records I was asked to provide a picture of me in uniform but I don’t have one for them to add to my records at their request. Plus, as a three generation Marine family, I don’t have anything to add to my son;’s records of my Dad, him and me together in the family history. Do you still have our grad book and are you able to copy the last 17 pages (at my expense) for me. At the very least, I sure would like and need the dress blues photo they took of us individually. I am also on FB. Semper Fi. Pvt Thearle J. Lacey, Jr. 1970***

  • Pvt. Thearle J. Lacey #1970***

    I arrived at PI Jul 7, 1961 and S/Sgt P. A. Rushing was my SDI, Didn’t know he was a singer but he always reminded us on the drill field, he never lost a drill competition. He earned my deepest respect when the time after our competition we sat before him on the barracks floor waiting for results. He began by telling us that everyone one knew and complemented that we were the best out there that day. But then he came back with, “We lost”. It got real quiet as he searched our faces and then looked down at his feet and said that it was his fault. Seems that the night before he was in the slop chute and had gotten a little tipsy. There was a gunny who was one of the judges near him and the way Rushing put it, didn’t like our SDI and they got into an argument. He apparently popped the gunny a good one. He was told that he’d pay for it which is why everyone was watching 339 on the drill field and commented as they did afterwards. He stated how proud he was of us and again apologized. I still hold that man in very high regard and was one of the reasons, when he told me about the OCS test scores and how to make it in the Corps as a “good Marine.” Yes, he is one great person in my life and took his place within me next to my Dad, who was a great Marine model.

  • Thearle J. Lacey

    Hey, Michael, if Fox who kept referring to himself as “El Lobo” was your SDI then, he was our ADI at Plt# 339 Jul 7, 1961 with SDI S/Sgt Rushing. He had it in for me and seemed to hate that I wore a St. Christopher’s medal with my tags. He pissed me off when he grabbed me by that medal when I was coming from the shower, asking me if I thought it would help me become a Marine. I told him, “No, but I expect it to help,” and glared back at him. I got decked because I didn’t preface my answer with “SIR.” His next problem with me was in class tearing down the .45 pistol and just as he warned us to hang on to the plug, my sweaty fingers allowed it to slip free from a few seats back, whizzed by his head and hit the blackboard, green really, behind him. Sgt Patterson walked by me as Fox’s face turned red, and Patterson slipped e plug into my hand. Thinking back, I hated that cocky little Fox and would tell him today El Lobo is for “Wolf.” Wolf has become my nickname when discovering my Native American heritage. I had completed tests that were given earlier in my PI stay and had qualified for OCS, so maybe he was wanting to give me a boot to Quantico. Thearle J. Lacey 1970***

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