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3rd Generation Marine

Doug Barron Grandfather Doug Barron Dad Doug Barron Bootcamp Graduation photo Doug Barron Marine Corps flag in a wintery scene

I was a third generation Marine. My Grandfather in WWI , my Dad in WWII Cpl (1943-1947) and me SSgt (1968-1978)
I have no info where my Grandfather served.
Dad served in the South Pacific (43-45) 3rd MarDiv Saipan and Guam and Tenstin, China (45-47) A/1/11 1st MarDiv.
I served in Vietnam A/1/11 1st MarDiv (69-70)?An Hoa and just south of Hill55, where you were at Sgt Grit.

PMI Edson Range Camp Pendleton (70-71)
Marine Security Detachment (Marine Barracks San Diego) at NAS Miramar (71-73)
L/4/12 Camp Butler and North Camp Fuji Japan (73-74)
3rd 175mm Gun Btry 1st FSSG Twentynine Palms (74-76)
Hq 4th MarDiv (G-4 Section Prepositioned War Reserves Chief), Camp Pendleton (76)
Hq 4th MarDiv New Orleans, La (76-78)

As you can see I served in the same battery that my Dad served with in China (how scary is that?) A couple of things that happened to Dad also happened to me (quite scary why I think about it).
As you can see I still proudly fly our flag, even though I am surrounded Army doggies here in Lacey, Washington. It lets them know not to ?Mess with the Best?.
My heart goes out to all who served and currently serves in our beloved Corps.
Semper Fi
Doug Barron SSgt 68-78

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