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4 Generations of Military Service

4 Generations of Military Service

Originally posted on CNN site by my cousin Carolann Sharpe 
I wish to honor my son and husband for their uncommon and remarkable serves to our country. My son, Joseph Charles Sharpe recently graduated from Parris Island USMC Basic Training 3rd Batt. Kilo Company and has begun his career as a fourth generation Marine. Four generations ago, Joe's Great Grandfather was at Parris Island in KIlo Comp. His grandfather Charles Sharpe served as a US Marine. Joe's Father, My husband of 24 years, John M Sharpe, served in Desert Storm with 1st Tank Batt. 1st Marine Div and has served in Maryland National Guard and is currently a Staff Sgt in the Maryland Air National Guard as well as a Homeland Security Policeman. John has been away from his family for 3 to 8 months every year since 2007, including two 8 month deployments to Afghanistan. Joe's mom and three younger brothers could not be prouder of their father and brother's contribution to our country. Family friend Staff Sgt David Cook came to the Graduation to celebrate Joseph's accomplishment. I am so proud of my husband, my son and all the members of our family and friends that continue to selflessly give their all to the military.
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