47 Years Ago

47 Years Ago

Mike 4/11, 1st Mar Div, Hill 65 & An Hoa Vietnam Jan 1969 till Feb 1970. Having served as a 19 yr old marine in Vietnam one realizes time does not sharpen the memories of that place, unfotunately we also push aside the names and faces of those that you served with because you just look to forget. One evening Recently I received a telephone call from a person who said he was Mike Paul from our battery of Mike 4/11 in 1969. To my embarrassment I didn’t remember the name until he said he was called “Top” because his father was a Master Sargeant in the Corps. After I picked myself up from the floor we talked for hours, leaving off with agreeing to meet in Florida this year. To sum this reunion up, we consumed beer and over served ourselves with bourbon, we laughed, we thought about some of the guys that have passed and finally agreed not to allow 47 yrs to go between visits. A Dec cruise is being planned.
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  • Norm Decicco

    I was in An Hoa from March 1969 to March 1970 with HQ company in FDC.

  • James Kanavy

    I was there 1 Sept 1967 while an Intell scout with S-2 HQ Co, 1st Marine Regt. Semper Fi

  • Cpl Jack L Bell

    I was with D 2/11 on Hill 65 in 1970. Worked in FDC.

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