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47 Years Later

47 Years Later

By: Karl Lavin

MIKE 4/11 1st Marine Division. You can not make this stuff up, you only access, adapt & over come. I once responded to a article that appeared in Sgt Grit from a person that I served with in An Hoa Vietnam, 1969. Have left my email in the sponge box, I received a phone call from Sgt Grit that a marine known as Mike Paul was trying to contact me. The years have clouded my memory but what the hell, I gave the go ahead to call me. At first I did not remember Mike because we used nicknames until he said they called me Top because his father was a Top in the Corps. That name hit the right bell in my head. After a long talk the past 46 years seemed as if they never happened, we were back there as 18 – 19 years olds covering any fears with a laugh. Well we decided to meet in Sanibel, Florida 4/2016. I have to say we didn’t look the same, the apprehension that was felt left as soon as our eyes locked our hands shook and a rather tight hug. The feeling between two Marines from serving in combat never changes, that bond is not breakable. The day and a 1/2 that we were together was something that gets written about, the wives shared their own stories about their Marine. We departed by saying let’s not wait another 47 years.

Cpl Mike Paul Cpl Karl Lavin 2nd photo

Semper Fi,
Cpl Mike Paul.
Cpl Karl Lavin

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Cpl Bill Logan - July 10, 2020

I was with Golf 2/5 at An Hoa from Feb.69-Feb.70, would like to hear from brothers who remember me from those early years.

Bill Allen - July 10, 2020

I was with HQ 2/11 as a 2531 in An Hoa from Nov.13,1967 to Jan. 16, 1967 then was sent with the forward party to Phu Bia to form up 1st Field Artillery Group (2 weeks before Tet 68 commenced). The end of November 1967 we were move back and made part of 11th Marines at Hill 55. Semper Fi……………5/67 – 3/74

Ron Cummings - July 10, 2020

I was in Mike 4/11 in ’68 also. I was in tracked vehicle maintenance. My nickname was “Peacock”, because of a brightly colored towel my sister sent. Mike Battery moved from Freedom Hill to Hill 55, and then to An Hoa. Semper Fi…..66-75

Cpl Karl Lavin - July 10, 2020

I have to say the responses to my article has been great with all the out pouring of comrodery between all Marines from different years, companies and MOS’s that were part of the An Hoa / Arizona Territory family. God Bless you all and Semper Fi brothers.

Cpl. Karl Lavin - July 10, 2020

We were located at the end of the runway near the ammo dump. I recall using your mess hall and having the planes doing touch and goes dropping supplies during Nov 1969.

Henry young - July 10, 2020

Hello brothers, I too was at An Hoa…. Hqtrs Battery 2/11, Jan. 69 thru Apr. 69…. In case of land attack my area of duty was the ammo bunker under the ob tower…. Looking to here from Marines in area at that time… Semper Fi…..64/69

George V. Dow MSgt USMC (Ret) - July 10, 2020

I was in “Mike Btry” 4/11 when we landed in Aug 1965 at Chu Lai under the command of Captain J.O. Black having “mounted” out of 29 Palms in June 1965 and was attached to RLT-7. The 51 years have passed, so has Captain Black, but the memories and the brotherhood will always remain strong! Semper Fi!

John Martinez - July 10, 2020

God Bless you both. Awesome story. Semper Fidelis. John Martinez. USMC 87-91

Sgt Robert Padgett 2nd Marine Division 1963 to 1967 - July 10, 2020

Glad to see that old friends meet again after a long time. keep in touch with your friends Semper Fi to both of you. Good looking shirts

Bob Sisson - July 10, 2020

I was also in HQ 2/11 in 1970. I was in FDC. I was only there from Feb.- Oct 1970. I was in 12th Marines and extended when they pulled out and went to Okinawa. Sgt. Bob Sisson

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