49 Years Ago

49 Years Ago

By: Lynn Webster

July 5th 1967 I was wounded early morning serving with 2/9 near the DMZ, Semper Fi to all who served past and present.

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  • Lynn Webster

    I am glad you made it,many didn’t.That was a tough time God bless.

  • Lynn Webster

    I will never forget that day,i’m glad I survived,and God bless all the others that served then and now.

  • Hancock, L.E., Cpl.

    Same here, Purple Heart received August 28, 1967 at Marble Mountain. Semper-Fi

  • l tokach Former S/Sgt. USMC

    Glad you made it Marine , I pray for the ones that didn’t and the ones that survived. Semper-Fi !!!

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