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50 Years Ago

50 Years Ago Admin |

50 Years Ago

I raised my hand and swore an oath
I rode the bus to MCRD
I stood on the yellow footprints
I had all my hair cut off
I was assigned to a platoon – #3007
I wallowed in the sand pit
I cleaned the heads
I did mess duty
I did squat thrusts until I dropped
I got yelled at day and night
I ran PT courses until I was strong and able
I polished my brass and boots until they shined
I read and re-read my little red notebook
I drilled until the D.I’s cadence was embedded in my brain
I double timed wherever I went
I fired my M 14 in the rain-and hit what I was aiming for
I learned what it meant to stand for something
I learned how to be part of a team
I stood at attention and was finally called a Marine
That was then and this is now – and I’m still a Marine

Semper Fidelis – Sgt./ 2nd Lt. Mike Rounds 1965/1971

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