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50 Years Since I Graduated

50 Years Since I Graduated

March 15th, 2016, will be 50 years since I graduated MCRD in San Diego, CA, and on June 10th of the same year, I was graduating the Drill Instructor School. This is something I feel very proud and eternally grateful due to everything that I’ve lived as a professional and a person. Thanks a lot to my Drill Instructors who trained me and shaped me with their effort and military discipline. Our Drill Instructors did their best at sharing all the experience gathered in the swamps and forests of Vietnam; telling us what the real deal was.

cpl cordova in helmet
cpl cordova and mayo

As it happened, the fundamental basis for the “Peruvian Marines” were forged initially back in the 60’s, when officers, sergeants and corporals from the Peruvian Marines were sent to train and study with the American troops being sent to the Vietnam. It was not easy for Peruvian Marines to make it to the US and train there; we had to pass several tests, physical and intellectual, to qualify for just a handful of vacancies. The then Lt. Peruvian Marine Jose Duffoo Boza was in charge of the tests, I will always remember those who, along my professional path, were part of my military experience.

cordova at mcrd asadi
cordova 50th anniversaryphoto

There’s a lot to remember about the many jobs done with the USMC whom we respect and appreciate in true camaraderie and sense of brotherhood.

Sgt. Grit, I will very much appreciate if you allow this note to be published in your prestigious newsletter, I am also attaching some pictures. I am hoping this note reaches out to some of my old brothers in arms from the Marine Corps.

In the main picture you will see from left to right the following persons:
USMC LT.COL. P.H. SIMPSON, Bt. Commander
USMC S/SGT. B.W. FROST, Platoon Commander

Cordova Today

My email:

Thank you so much,
SGT. MAJOR (r) David I. Cordova Cruz

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Larry Ayers - July 15, 2020

I enlisted Jan.5,1966 attending MCRD for 8 weeks. Then onto Marine Schools, Quantico, VA On Sept.9. 1966 I arrived Chu Lai, Viet Nam. In Apr.1967 most of the FLC was airlifted to the Northern I Corp Area. I was able to pick a forward Base named Dong Ha. So from April 1967 to May 1968 I experienced the best in being a Marine. Not everybody can say they were at Khe Sanh to Con Thein. I left Dong Ha Combat Base in May 1968 having to run after the plane throwing 2 sea bags on while the plane taxi’d. It’s been many years but not a day goes by that I often remember my Beloved Corp. I still believe if it weren’t for the Marine Corp I would not have made it to today. For any non believers I know a former US Marine who never had to go to boot camp !! Semper Fi…………

GUNNER - July 15, 2020

Sounds like a leg pulling sea story! Don’t believe it!

Sgt Frank Zielke - July 15, 2020

I enlisted Apr. 1954 boot at MCRD San Diego Plt. 146. graduated as PFC, But no orders. was assigned to a casualty company for two weeks, wherein I was after one day assigned TDY as an Jr. D.I. while awaiting orders, which came.

Dave An - July 15, 2020

The way I read the article it appears he graduated boot camp in March and Di school in June.

larry foulk - July 15, 2020

larry foulk pfc 1957 to 1960 san dinog

Sgt Maj Raymond Edwards, USMC Ret 7-29-66 to 8-01-96 - July 15, 2020

LOL Happy Easter MGySgt, That will be MGySgt “1” SgtMaj “0” LOL I am out of here.

Mgysgt Dana L. Dodge - July 15, 2020

I was working on a special assignment with the CAST Trainer n Camp Lejeune. This allowed me the extra time to complete this assignment. Don’t take it personally Sgt Maj, we MG.ySgts just like a little rub once in a while

Sgt Maj Raymond Edwards, USMC Ret 7-29-66 to 8-01-96 - July 15, 2020

Thanks Smith I see where he said “. It was not easy for Peruvian Marines to make it to the US and train there; we had to pass several tests, physical and intellectual, to qualify for just a handful of vacancies.’ You say he went through PISC he said San Diego. Now look at the picture of what is two U.S. Marines and what appears to be two Naval Personnel in front of an Iwo Jima Monument and read the info at top right. It states MCRD San Diego and ITR at Camp Pendelton Ca. I just feel that I am still missing something. MGySgt Dodge I definitely missed the point of his story. Just wondering (no disrespect to my Brother Marine) how did you get in 32 years? I did 1966-1996. I will give up on this misinformation of how this man got through United States Marine Boot Camp and Di School in just 85 days. I thank you and Smith for your Service.

Mgysgt Dana L. Dodge - July 15, 2020

Yes Sgt. Major – you must have missed the point that he was a Peruvian Marine Corporal. I, being a retired MgySgt ’67-’99, caught it. Just a thought!

Smith - July 15, 2020

Sgt. Major you might want to read this again sgt major Cruz was a Peruvian corporal in the Peruvian marines that went through basic and D.I. School at P.I.

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