50 Years To The Day

50 Years To The Day

This picture was taken in front of the 1st Recruit Training Battalion Headquarters, On May, 19th, 2015, fifty years to the day, that I graduated Boot Camp. SgtMaj Molina, (3rd from left), the SgtMaj of 1st Bn., had the D.I.s from Charlie Co. (that was my company in P.I. with Plt 119) take this picture with me, 1stSgt Lytle, the 1stSgt of Charlie Co. is on the end, he's holding my platoon graduation book. Plus me being a Viet Nam Vet, I was treated with the utmost respect. The SgtMaj, made a copy of my platoon's graduation picture, and hung it up in the Battalion conference room, so, if anyone from Plt 119, goes to visit Parris Island, and goes to the 1st Bn HQ, they'll see our Platoon Picture on the wall.

I shared some boot camp stories with the D.I.s over a couple beers at a place called, Brig and Brew, fifty years ago, it was the Parris Island Brig, now its a "slop chute" where everyone drinks together, there's E4's drinking with E8's and E9's. I had a great time, met some great people, and had some laughs. I even had my picture taken with L/Cpl Legend, the Bulldog, that's the depot mascot. Going back to Parris Island was a very moving experience for me, I recommend it for everyone.

Semper Fi
Dick Martell
Cpl 2141xxx

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