50th Anniversary Of Arriving In DaNang

50th Anniversary Of Arriving In DaNang

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Sgt. Grit, I arrived in DaNang on Aug 26, 1966, 3 months shy of my 20th birthday. I still remember the flight from Okinawa and looking at my fellow Marines and wondering which one of us was coming home. Fortunately, most of us made it. I found this travel voucher from October 1966. I was originally scheduled to go to Viet Nam from Camp Pendleton to the Third Marine Division on June 1, 1966 but 63 of us were diverted to 12 weeks of Vietnamese Language School at the Presidio of Monterey. Upon completion of language school my new orders were to the First Marine Division. I ended up as an Intelligence scout/assistant with the S-2 Section, Hq Company, 1st Marine Regiment south of DaNang along the Song Tu Bon river. The only major operation was Union 1 and 2 from April to September 1967. I know of two of my classmates who were killed in action during that operation, Bruce Parmalee and Glen E. Sanders. John Wayne Jarrell died earlier. In all, five of the 63 language school graduates were killed.

Semper Fi,
J Kanavy
0311 Cpl USMC


Year of attack? Suggest you ask for info on Facebook at . Someone there might know or know someone else you can ask. Tell admin of that Facebook website what you are looking for and they may post for you if they don’t let you on there. Your info above didn’t have the year so tell them the year also. Let me know if they help or not.

Frank J.,

I was station with the Seabees in danang at 1st marine division hill 327.attacted feb 23 at 200 in the morning.if any body remember what happen at command center received combat ribbon not in my dd 214.

robert rybak,

Joined 2nd Plt, F/2/3 on Oki Dec. 65, left Dec. 1966! Semper Fi!

Charles E. Allen,

I was in 3/9 landed nam 8/15/65 then went to 1/9 for a few days then 2/9 On Christmas dec. 65 I was in 81,s south of Danang by a steel broken bridge , middle was in the river I believe it was on highway one. All Christmas night we heard over loud speakers Marines you are going to die tonight. They would not let us go silence them. I guess we chewed some of the same dirt. Left Nam in late July of 66.

Thomas Reasch,

ATL fellow Marines and Corpsman from Nam in 1967 Echo Co. 2nd Btl. 5th Marines 1st. Marine Div. station at An Hoa.


looking for fellow marines from marine detachment USS ProteusAS19 from 1968-1969.

Lynn B Webster,

I was at Marble Mt. heavy equipment mechanic from Oct. 66 until Nov. 67. Mag 16, 3rd marine air wing. Is that where you were and what dates?

Greg Clymer,

Marble Mt air base mag 36 heavy equipment

Kent Debney,

Looking for Marine buds from 3/9/3 in country (vietnam) 1966-1967

Larry Saucier,

I also went over on the Mitchell.
It came down from Treasure Island Cali. It had been fitted out up to date. Fresh paint. Smelled nasty. We had troops from Staging area plus around 3,500 grunts. and some 3rd. Recon. Men. 5 days to Hawaii. 8hrs shore leave. My plus other Marines orders were changed and we had to return to ship. Next Yokohama for another glorious 8hrs on to the Rock 2wks on to DaNang then to chui H-3-12
Artillery June 11 1965.

Sgt. James E Pickett,

I went over sept. 65 aboard U.S.S. GEN. WILLIAM MITCHELL . She was an old MSTS troop ship from ww1 I think . out of san diego via staging battalion.

Carlton King,

Anybody from 2/3 66-67

Carlton King,

Went to Vietnam in 1965 with the 1st Mar. Div.
We did 63 days sailing back and forth in the Gulf of Tonkin on the USS Valley Forge,an LPH, waiting for some-one in Washington to say ” Put boots on the ground “.
I was a Corporal with the 81 mm mortars, H&S company, 1st Bn. 1st Marines, 1st Mar. Div.
We made a beach landing in the Da Nang area, and never fired a shot. The locals new we were coming before we did. That changed rather quickly.
After about a month, the Brass decided to split us up and put us all on an individual rotation basis.
My mortar squad and I were assigned to India Co. 3rd Bn. 9th Marines.
We pulled Perimeter Duty at the Da Nang airstrip just before Christmas 1965, and returned to the field
shortly after New Years 1966.
I eventually became Forward Observer with the 81s and was promoted to Sergeant on June 1, 1966.
Then I rotated out of Vietnam in August 1966, and was released from active duty on March 27, 1967.

Robert Barry Harper,

I got my all expense paid trip to the Orient in May of 1967. First firefight the night before Mothers day. What a wakeup call.
Semper Fi

Roy Williams,

Looking For Marines In Plt 2187 Oct 9 1969

david althaus,

Looking for Marines who served with 2/26 when they left by ship, around July 1966 to Vietnam, USS Henrico. I was with H&S Co. 81 Mortars. Also looking for Marines with 2/4, I was transferred from 2/26 to 2/4 January 1967, moving from Phu Bai further up north. I became Forward Observer for 81 Mortars, I believe I was attached to E Company.

Bill Craig,

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