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66th Chosin Few Reunion, San Diego, California

66th Chosin Few Reunion, San Diego, California


My husband and I attended our 1st Chosin Few Reunion as guests of my parents, Robert and Arlee Johnson of Mesa, Arizona. My father who is the AZ chapter President, displayed a wealth of pictures and articles on display boards. He and others were interviewed for the PBS program, American Experience which is scheduled to be aired Tuesday November 1st, 2016. To honor my father’s service in the Battle of the Chosin Resouvoir, as well as my parent’ts 65th wedding anniversary, I presented this king size quilt to them. The white squares represent the 50 degree below zero conditions that were fought in; the blue squares represent the night sky, and the red squares represent the Marines and the blood shed in that battle. I also embellished it with patches I located on the Sgt. Grit website. Also see the cake topper which is appropriately changed into a Marine uniform like the one my father wore when they were married October 20th, 1951. Thanks Sgt. Grit and Semper Fi! Sandra Byrd, Tacoma, WA.

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Harry - June 20, 2020

I recently watched a PBS special broadcast about the battle at the Chosin and,what the 1st Marine Division went through,not only the brutal fight but, the brutal weather!! BLESS ALL OF YOU!! I’ll take the weather in Vietnam any day. SEMPER FI TO ALL!! Harry

Sgt. Richard Stites - June 20, 2020

Gunnery Sgt. Shannon Lord Meany replaced me when my paperwork was slow getting through the chaos that was Camp Lejeune in June of 1950. The Second Marine Division was leaving, regiment by regiment, by train to join the First at Pendleton to land at Inchon. I was transferring from MB to FMF and was supposed to go. But Meany, who was already FMF, took my spot as a combat correspondent when my orders didn’t come through. I was editor of the Camp Lejeune Globe at the time so I was one of first to see casualty lists as they came in for publication in the Globe. Meany was KIA December 7, 1950 near Chosin. His remains were never recovered. I can still see that little Irishman grinning from ear to ear, standing next to his seabag, bragging that he was invincible. He had survived two or three island invasions with the First Division and enjoyed an “occasional cocktail”. Great Marine that I’ll always remember. Had a lot of friends in Korea, including Sgt. Frank Kerr, one of the founders of the Chosin Few. He was a combat photographer and many of his pics depicting the war in Korea were published. Also knew John Yancey, platoon leader in Easy Company, 7th Marines. He won his second Navy Cross at Chosin. Sgt. Ralph Klinepeter, a helluva good baseball player at Lejeune and major league prospect, came back with shrapnel in his throwing arm. I think he still lives in Pennsylvania. Would love to hear from any of the old-timers who were there. Semper Fi.

Douglas M.Barron Ssgt USMC 1968-1978 - June 20, 2020

I was lucky to have had the honor of working with Master Sargent Paul Britten (Ret) while with the Post Office in Pacific Beach in San Diego. Paul was a veteran of the Chosin. Paul also spent many years on the field at MCRD San Diego. I remember when we attended the memorial at St. Bridgets for Gen. Victor Kruluk. Paul was a tough and honorable man. I had a beer keg that I had purchased at the Olympia Brewery and Paul made a logo top of wood and burned the Oly logo in the top for me. I while always remember him very time I look at that keg. A MARINE-A MAN-A BROTHER!

James Merl - June 20, 2020

My daughter’s father-in-law, Bob Johnson, was at Chosin. He lived in Arizona; however, he died last year. At family gatherings we would always have some Marine story or two. I was in awe of him since he survived the “Frozen Chosen.” I merely fought the Cold War in California and Okinawa 1957-1960.

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