9th At Beach

9th At Beach

9thAtBeach – S-3 Section enlisted at Chu Lai on a rare Sunday off – I’m the skinny one on left

9thEngrSite – View of Battalion area looking towards water tower and mess hall

Ancient Temple – Temple off Hwy 1 between Chu Lai and Danang

CAPCapture – Weapons captured by CAP unit north of Chu Lai after almost being over run

ChuLaiArea – Chu Lai area looking west

FirstHome0167 – My first hooch upon arrival in 1/67

FreedomBird – The bird I took home from Danang to Okinawa

HeavyLoad – Shot of Vietnamese woman about to pick up and carry a large load of vegetables

Hill49 – Hill 49 near Chu Lai

HomeSweetCot – My home for most of my stay at 9th Engineers – notice the locked foot locker, screened walls, books and electric outlet

HQ9thEngrsSign – Our Battalion sign outside the S-3 and S-2 buildings

MeAtChuLaiBeach – S-3 Section again at Chu Lai – I’m near front, no cover

MeAtSidneyHarbor – Me on R & R at Sidney, Australia – 10/67

RicePaddies & RicePaddies3 – Scenes along Hwy 1 between Chu Lai and Danang

Ready4RnR – Being serious before going out on the town in Sidney

S3Vehicle – Our S-3 transportation for surveying and bridge review teams

TamKy – Tam Ky from the air – about half way between Chu Lai and Danang

Temple2 – Another ancient temple

USMC192BDMenuInside – Inside of the menu handed out for the 192nd USMC birthday celebration of the 1st Marine Division

T’gingMenu67Inside – Inside of the menu handed out for the 1967 Thanksgiving meal of the 1st Marine Division

Jim Harris


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