A Big Step

A Big Step

The last couple of months I have been getting a set of dress blues together for my husband for the Traveling Vietnam Wall that came to Portland, Oregon over Memorial Day weekend. I have to say a big thank you to SGT Grit in helping me do this. But the real story here is a Disabled Veteran made his first trip to the wall, and it was a tear jerker for all involved. Dearl has always told me that he would never go see the wall and I never pushed the issue. But thanks to a fellow marine, Dearl not only went to see the wall he was also one of the Honor Guards that were there. I have aways been proud of my husband, and more so now. Because this was a big step for him and his fellow veterans. I hope that anyone that has a chance to see the Wall do so. There was a gentleman that was there. He didn’t go near the wall, but stayed on the hill. But he was there. And I know that took a lot for him to do that. Inclosed is a picture of my granddaughter Shana and my husband Dearl. I think he cleaned up rather nice myself. We were there through most of the week. And I have to say that it was a life changing experience. Love and Best Wishes Veterans and Families. Robin Taylor. Proud wife of a Marine.

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