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A Different Kind of Weapon Used by the VC/NVA

A Different Kind of Weapon Used by the VC/NVA Admin |

Let me start by saying that if I get this information wrong, please feel free to explain what I’m trying to describe . I can assure you my friends, my feelings will not be hurt.

As it was told to me, the VC/NVA would collect the 250 lb. bombs that didn’t go off when they hit. They would tie this bomb on a small tree, pull it back, and place a small explosive charge under the tree. When the smaller explosive went off, it would cause the small tree to spring forward with more tension and consequently forcing the bomb in to the air with some power. We would hear the smaller explosion and the bomb cutting through the air. I’m not sure how to spell the sound it would make but if one was ever thrown at you, you know what I mean when I say “cutting through the air”. The worst of it all, you didn’t know what to do (‘to sh– or get’)! Anything that big doesn’t have to land on top of you to “put your health records in to the red”. The upside to all of this, believe it or not, is that the bomb still had to hit on it’s head in order to detonate. Still, I don’t know too many guys who didn’t need to go to the head after going through something like that.

My first experience with a Lob Bomb, we had sit up in our night position somewhere in our A.O.. It was as dark as the inside my boot and a few of the guys were talking but not very loud. In a short distance, I hear that small explosion and this strange sound—like someone had thrown something real big and slow in the air. Those Marines who had been in country awhile ran for their holes! Not knowing better, I moved a little slower into my fighting position and waited. All of sudden, I heard this thump just short of our lines and then nothing. The next morning, one of guys who had been in Vietnam couple of months longer than me explained what had happened last night and how it was possible for the VC/NVA to do what they did. Wait! I’m being serious, I just now wondered how did they know ahead of time that we would be there in that area?

I wish this was the end to my story but not just yet. The second time I witness this effort to use a 250 lb Lob Bomb as a weapon against us was when we were on Liberty Bridge. There was an ARVIN compound setting on this pile of dirt with a village right outside of it. It “was” the one sitting on the right hand side of the road as you were traveling south to north from An Hoa. Anyways, one quiet night we were settling in our area when that small noise and big sound came from along the river. We all got set but the bomb hit the ARVIN compound instead and half of it was gone in the flash. Some Marines had been operating some heavy equipment inside the compound during the day; so Red’s squad and myself (radioman) ran up the hill to pull the Marines out and do what we could to help the ARVINS and call in some choppers. What a mess!

Now I have been in country for about 8 months and thought I had my “head and a– wired together” “my sh– in one bag” and all those foolish thoughts that went through our minds because we had made it this far (I got hit sent home two weeks later—they showed me). We’re getting into our night position and the new Platoon 2nd.Lt. is starting to listen to what the “old guys” had to recommend to stay alive. Some “newbies/boots” started make noise as they were getting settled in. I explain to the Platoon Lt that they needed to be quiet or we would get hit in their area of the line. Sure enough, we all heard that small sound and that “ungodly” noise of a lob bomb coming right at us. After some long seconds, we heard it hit the ground with a thump. The next morning I explain to the Lt what had happen and how the VC/NVA were able to lob a 250 lb into the air.

I’m not kidding, all of these situations are true and I’m pretty sure there are other Marines reading this that are thinking—Amen Brother! The VC/NVA were masters at using everything and simple things against us including our habits and games (ever play kick the can?).

Semper Fi Brothers and Sisters and may peace be with y’all

Footnote: That same ARVIN compound was hit a different time with a Lob Bomb and, again, it was successful in taking out that unit during a Zipper attack on Liberty Bridge.


Glad to hear that. He was one of the biggest assholes I ever met in the Corp. I got my orders for Vietnam and he forced me to go to rifle range, Lost 2 weeks of my leave. When I got home I was lucky enough to get an extension on my leave. He came to Vietnam a year after I got there, I was on my extension when he came. My buddy Doc Rainey was a door gunner. He was taking Ninez to a fire base and they came under fire. Nunez pissed himself he told Doc if he told anyone he would live to regret it. DOC TOLD EVERYONE.

Sgt Robert L Sisson,

Please contact a vet rep with one of the service organization, you do not need to be a member, their job is to help, see DAV, VFW, American Legion, VVA, or Purple Heart, or PVA. Just get someone to help you with fighting the VA.

Karl Karl,

No relation

Ralph e nuñez,

Are you related to a Master Sgt. Nunez?

Sgt. Robert L Sisson,

Yes Harry it does say service connection has been granted 0% I will stay on them.

Sgt. Robert L Sisson,

I was in FDC 2/11 at An Hoa Jan 1970- Oct 1970. Did you know a Corp. Stites, , Sgt Crabetree, Lt Van Horn. Did you hear about the FDC Captain getting fraged by a smoke gurnade.

Sgt. Robert L Sisson,

Sept 1969- April 1970

Ralph e nuñez,

Now i know what it was1 week in country with golf 2/1 in rear before going to bush of was sleeping before my watch it got incoming ran to post heard a whoosh later wentmy rack sunck in sand in morning we looked hole in rack found 105 shell they shut said lucky mf then was sent to the bush

Ralph e nuñez,

Had a”Lob Bomb” launched at our night position around mid July of 1970. Heard a small explosion from a village near us then the woosh woosh of it go over us. It failed to detonate but sure scared the crap out of us. On another occasion we found an area where they made cradles to lay the bombs at an angle. Removed the fuse and tail fins the built a fire under them to melt the C-4 out. Both times was near Hill55.

Cpl J. W. Hornsey Mike 3/1 CUPP RVN 1970,

Please tell me they at least gave you “Service Connected 0%.” Along with your denial letter you should have received a form (notice of disagreement) fill it out and send it in.Keep your claim open as long as possible It helps if your Doc.sends a letter stating that your condition is ” Static” not remission.It might make a difference.I try to be in Oakland on Monday’s for PTSD and Anger Management group meetings You should try to come in Good Luck and try to stay well. Harry


I was with Lima 3/5 69-70 @An Hoa. We were also @ Liberty Bridge. It was like an ant hill, tunnels all around. A home town buddy of mine got hit around Liberty Bridge 29 Dec.69 while on patrol. Lost both legs. Most of the patrol got hit that day. Somehow, it was known we were going to be there. I t was safer out side in a fox hole, than in a bunker. I managed one of the 60MM mortars (0341).

Eloy Sanchez (0341),

Now THAT is good. This is why S-2 got the big bucks and the rest of slopped in the mud.

The Deuce,

I am with you Manuel, I was a 1371. When reading this I was getting worried cause I never heard of them either. I was in C company 3rd Eng. from Dec 66 till Aug 68 then back in May of 69 till Aug 69. Went with 1/9, 2/9, 3/9, 2/26 and others. Blew a 250 lb bomb once that was covered with banana leaves, the grunts thought they had a booby trapped artillery round till we uncovered it. They all spilt as soon as we told them it was a 250 lbs. Bomb. My friend is The one who uncover it. He and I were Pvts. but had been in country for about 6 mo. As I started to make up the charges to set it off, I pulled arm length fuss length about 6′. My team leader just from the States, where they gave all the promotions, stopped me and said that I was only to put 1 ft. length on the charge , he said you always only use 1 ft.. After argument, I said okay but that he could pull the fuse but only when we let him know that we were safely away. It then finally hit him that he was wrong he split with the grunts. I always remember if my friend hadn’t uncovered it it would have taken out the whole CP group. this was with 2/9 in early May67, later in Aug67 at Con Thien that friend was killed clearing a mine field, I went to Japan.

Murray Hermanson,

Sgt. Sisson….I worked in FDC with Delta 2/11 on Hill 65 from Feb. 1970 to Feb. 1971. In July we were taking mortars and some small arms fire from the ville below the hill and received a 155 lob bomb that landed about 10 feet from our ammo dump. Lucky for us it was a dud. Capt. Jim Vinyard wrote an article on it.

Jack L Bell,

We lost 2nd. Platoon of G Co. 2/5 to a 500 lb bomb booby trap. That’s a sight I can do without. It was real bad.

Robert H Bliss, 0341,


Robert H Bliss, 0341,

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