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A Different Version of the Marines’ Hymn

Marine Hymn of the ’40’s
By Jack V. Scarola

From the hills of Okinawa to the shores of Tulagia
They fought our country’s battles in the air, on land, and sea.

First to fight for right and freedom and to keep their honor clean
They were proud to claim the title United States Marines.

Some were captured at Corregidor and endured the march Bataan
Others perished at Wake Island, a true hero every man.

When the first Allied offensive was entrusted to their Corps
At a Canal known as Guadal, they turned the tide of War.

In the grim lagoon of Tarawa and the hell of Bougainville
They fought a hostile enemy with ravage as his skill.

From the palms of Guam and Saipan to the cliffs of Peleliu
They so glorified the emblem of crimson, white and blue.

At the sands of Iwo Jima on Mount Suribachi
They raised a banner that became a flag of destiny.

From a field on sunny Tinian, Enola Gay did lift
This fateful isle was bravely won by the men of Vandergrift.

To a crowded Bay at Toyko from a Harbor known as Pearl
They fought the hardest battles in the annals of the world.

From the deeds of Foss and Puller to the works of Basilone
Their feats were legendary, a class their very own.

Their march was Always Faithful, they were soldiers of the sea
And they won the fiercest struggles in global history.

If MacArthur, Bull and Nimitz ever sail through Heaven’s scenes
They will find the Isles are guarded by World War Two Marines.

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