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A Good Day

A Good Day Admin |

On Sept 15, 2015 SgtMajor Beck (ret), L/Cpl O'donnell, Sgt David Simmons, myself Sgt Wears and MstSgt Knight (ret) [L to R in pic], met up on 1st Bn Parade Deck for our 50th anniversy of graduation from Parris Island. We looked over the parade deck, Stood in front of the Iwo jima memorial. We got a tour of the new barracks (second picture), SgtMajor Beck saw the yellow footprints I snapped to on them struck the red hand print as hard as I could, shouted who I was, got to request when the 3 now Drill Instructors came out of the Drill instructors house, wondering what was going on since they had not picked up their new Plt. Too funny.

A good day.

Michael Wears
Sgt of Marines

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