​Lasting Art Treasure

​Lasting Art Treasure

I thought that you, the crew, and our members might enjoy the attached picture. The work of art was presented to me by the sister of a young man prior to his leaving for PISC to begin his journey in our illustrious Corps. While making the presentation, she indicated that a special addition might be seen right away, but if not it would eventually be identified. Please let me know if you see the overall impact that it can have once seen. Once framed, it was in my office in Levittown, Pa., and has been with me for close to 50 years.

This one-of-a-kind, mixed-media art rendition of Joe Rosenthal's immortal photo of the second flag-raising on Mount Suribachi is, for me, a lasting art treasure.

Happy Holidays
Semper Fi
Ed Duncan, MGySgt (Ret)
'61-'91 Once a Marine, Always a Marine​

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