A Letter From Boot Camp

A Letter From Boot Camp

My buddy is currently at Parris Island going through boot camp and this is a letter we received from him.


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  • Sgt James A Pettyjohn USMC (1966 – 1969)

    Semper Fi Marine

  • Sgt James A Pettyjohn USMC (1966 – 1969)

    When I was at MCRD San Diego we did not go to movies. This is a different time so I don’t know. We would even get set back if we were to much of an issue. I did get set back, not because I was a problem child but for medical reasons, a heel contusion. I was doing everything I could do to get out of that place as quickly as I could.

  • Sgt James A Pettyjohn USMC (1966 – 1969)

    He is getting just what he asks for. Those DI’s don’t have time to just go around and be annoying to anyone unless they see they need it. He would not have done better in school. I thought with all volunteer these kind would not be an issue as it was when we had a draft. Many draftees had real issue in basic training and after.

  • SGT.AJ Manos

    I remember a letter posted here from a Marine who was w/Puller at the Chosin Resevoir.He said if given the choice,he would do it all over again.BUT,he would not go thru boot camp at PI.,again.I had to agree w/him because everything is a piece of cake after PI.Think about it.You get the chance to fight back after PI.The training we received at PI is what makes the Marine Corps what it is…..The toughest fighting force the world will ever see.That boot won’t see that until he earns his EGA.

  • Bob Rowe, Sgt USMC 1963-1967

    Platoon 217, Co. K, 2nd Battalion, MCRD Parris Island, SC. All boot camp is rough, but what if it was not? There would cease to be a Marine Corps as we know it. Boot Camp is rough, but Vietnam was worse. Be glad you are getting the grit and gravel your DI’s are shoving at you. All of the yelling and screaming, the running and pushups, the belittling of your civilian ways, is meant to transform you into a United States Marine. Go with it, and one day you will be proud like the rest of us.

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