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A Little Night Reading

A Little Night Reading

We have been long time customers of Sgt. Grit. My daughter's father SSgt "Rooster" served from 1993-2002. Our daughter, Riley loves to hear her Daddy tell stories and always points out the Eagle, Globe and Anchor on the various Marine posters, items, and on t-shirts at both of our houses. She always reads your newsletter along with me and loves the decorated motorcycles, bull dogs and Marines who she says "looks like Daddy."

I told her to pick out a book to read before bed. She ran in the other room and grabbed my Sgt. Grit catalog off my desk. I think she may be a bigger fan than some of your older members.

We get asked all the time where we find all the great Marine items and tshirts we have so I've started having to keep one of your catalogs handy. 🙂

Thanks for all the effort and as always Thank you to every Marine that honored the uniform.
Semper Fi.
Erica Cosminsky

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