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A Long Dark Night

A Long Dark Night

July 24 1966 Vietnam Operation Hastings Hill 362

Our company was having one hell of a gun fight with the NVA which had started late in the afternoon of the 24th. Into the night we were pretty much surrounded, being mortared and running low on ammunition and water with no way to get resupplied. Late that night or very early the next day before the sun was up my platoon commander was checking the line. Of course being so dark you couldn’t see snot. He came by stopped and in a whisper said “ hell of a way to make a living”. To this day I remember those words as of it was yesterday.

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harry - April 26, 2020

Writer. What is your name?

Edd Prothro, MSgt USMC Ret. - April 26, 2020

I’ll never forget the words of a salty 1st Sgt which I overheard on a Continental contract MAC flight returning to the US from RVN/Oki in May 1967. He said, “Its a damn shame when you have to leave your loved ones, and go home to your wife and kids!”

John Stone - April 26, 2020

About the same time I was at Geiger preparing for a live fire demo for civilians and local politicians. On the way to the show, our company passed an e-5 hosing down the dust from a water buffalo. Those were his exact words. You learn a lot with rank.

Captain Bob Durko - April 26, 2020

Comments in really stressful situations stick with you. Mine was ‘we’re having fun now’. I always smile when I hear it. Thanks for the story. Best regards, Captain Bob Durko, USMC, Retired

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