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A Marine and His Girl

A Marine and His Girl


I wanted to share this video with anyone who is interested. It was taken at an airport last year when my friend Zander (Cpl. Behnke) was returning to the States after months away from home. His parents had gone to the airport to pick him up, and myself, my friend Jess, and Kara (the Cpl’s fianc?e) decided to tag along and surprise him. Kara was so jittery with excitement and while we were waiting for him to come up from the terminal, she hid behind a plant so that he wouldn’t see her until the last moment. When he finally came up the stairs, she squealed and bounced her way over to him. The look on his face was priceless. They immediately embraced like they would never let go of each other again and both of them began crying. Zander’s welcome crowd (including myself) was almost in tears as well.

I had to laugh, however, when a stranger standing behind me suddenly said in a tear-jerked voice, “That was better than a movie!”

We love you, Zander. Keep up the good work and stay safe!

Semper Fi
Kate Coffman (A Proud Marine Brat)

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