A Marine F-150 Truck

A Marine F-150 Truck

Showing off my Marine Corps pride!

Jim Sanderson

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    That is one awesome F 150 truck I wish I could that to my 2016 Ford Explore. I am from SAN ANTONIO ,TEXAS. CPL Ortiz Frank 1997-1989.

  • Sgt. Frank Shelton 1965-1969

    Out**cking Standing Marine! Great paint job! Only change I would have made would have been Phantoms versus F18’s. But I am prejudiced, I am a Phantom Phixer, from 1967. Semper Fidelis to I die!

  • Jim Carson

    Hoo Rah, way to go Marine

  • arob45a

    Really great job on the whole paint job and semper fi ,wish that my truckw as pained that nice

  • Mark Gallant

    Beautiful paint…would not last long on my gravel road in Dahlonega

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