A Marine… My Father

In Memory of
Sgt. Leeds, O.E.
Jan 16, 1929 to March 19, 2001


A Marine… My Father
by Laura Ann

Just a young man of twenty three,
you devoted your life to the U.S.M.C.
The Few, the proud… Semper Fidelis.
By heart you know “The Hymn’s” every chorus.
You taught us as children to sing every word,
and Proudly you welcome the song that you heard.

Courage and Wisdom you gave to us all
As a Marine and a Father you always stood tall.
Your love for the “Corps” could only be matched,
by the love and compassion for each one of us.

The few, the proud, no difference you see…
Father or Marine, you’re the same to me.
I love you Daddy and forever I will be,
thankful for all you have given to me.

Love Pumpkin
Laura Ann
Happy Fathers Day

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