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A Marine’s Recollection of a day in Vietnam

I Remember That Day
Gene Spanos

We were sitting around while reinforcing
the blast walls around the hooches that day
in charlie company area.

When all of suddenan enemy artillery round
landed over between Delta company and our
position approx 300 feet to my right at 2pm position.

It was after it hit that dust/dirt flew up in our
faces and I could not see crap. We all dove for cover too!

When the dirt clearedwe saw that the one
marine from my platoon had taken piece
in the leg….not too bad but a bleeder for sure.

Then all hell broke loosewe started taking in arty
really bad there in at the basethen called Dong Ha.

We ran into the large bunker that we engineers had built
and thank god we had it too!

We sat there for sometime when we looked at the Marine’s
woundwe knew we had to get him up to Bn Med.

NowBn med was approx 3-4 city blocks from our
position. We then grabbed a stretcher and I along with
another Marine placed this wounded marine on it and
ran for our lives.

Arty was landing all over the base and we only stopped
once to re-grip.

We finally arrived with our brother Marine and then took
off to get back to the bunkerstill under fire.

Maybe someone remembers that day that the Dong Ha
ammo dump took a direct hit in 68′.

I believe that Marine is alive today!
God Bless
Semper Fi
Gene Spanos
USMC 66/71
Vietnam 68′ DMZ
11th Engineer Bn


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